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    Default Detroit LODD, Nov. 15, 2008

    A Detroit firefighter has reportedly been killed this morning while operating at a fire in a vacant house.

    Firehouse.com expresses its deepest sympathies to the family and members of the Detroit Fire Department.

    Forum users are encouraged to do likewise; however please do not begin a debate of tactics and vacant buildings in the same thread. Please be respectful of this sudden loss.


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    Now in Victoria, BC. I'm from beautiful Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Can. Rockies - will always be an Albertan at heart!


    My deepest sympathies to the Detroit Fire Department, the Harris family and our forum friends who knew Walter.

    Sleep peacefully in the arms of the angels, Walt.

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    The Last Alarm, by Jim Martinez,

    My father was a fireman, he drove a big red truck

    and when he'd go to work each night, he'd say "Mother, wish me luck"

    Then Dad would not come home again, till sometime the next day

    but the thing that bothered me the most, was the things some folks would say.

    A fireman's life is easy, he eats and sleeps and plays.

    And sometimes he doesn't fight a fire for days and days and days.

    When I first heard these comments, I was too young to understand

    'cause I knew when people had trouble Dad was there to lend a hand.

    Then my father went to work one day, and he kissed us all good-by,

    but little did we realize, that night, we all would cry.

    My father gave his life that night, when the floor gave way below.

    And I wondered why he'd risk his life, for someone he didn't know.

    But now I realize, the greatest gift a man can give

    is to lay his life upon the line so that someone else might live.

    So as we go from day to day and we pray to God above,

    say a prayer for your local fireman, he may save the ones you love.


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