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    Default Florida Inspector looking to go to AZ

    Any info on certifications reciprocating to AZ. All Florida certs FF1&2, Inspector, Fire Officer, etc. Any info would help.

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    The best place to start is to go to the State Fire Marshal's page. Arizona is kind of odd about reciprocity. I had IFSAC certs, but had to test out in order to get the IFSAC/Arizona ones.
    I don't know if it's changed since I did it, but I had to first send my certs in along with a check for someone to decide if I could be eligilble for reciprocity. Then I had to find somewhere to take the written and practicals. They will help you find places to test. However, you may have to provide your own gear for the practicals. I had turnouts, but who has their own SCBA?? So thankfully where I work is the sister company with Rural Metro so a capt. let me borrow one.
    I was told there was a chance that where I was testing may have spare gear, but it wasn't promised.
    If you have EMT certs you need to transfer, contact the AZ dept. of Health. To get reciprocity, you will need to take an EMT refresher course first ( everyone has to go through it every 2 years).
    Hope that helps!! Good luck, and if you have any more questions let me know! What part of AZ are you moving to?

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    Default FL to AZ

    Somewhere around Phoenix. Wife is looking to transfer with her company. Need a job.

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