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    Post DOD Fire Insp 56-60hr Justification

    First I will give a little history, our fire inspectors were on a 56-60 hr schedule about six months ago then all of a sudden our Army command and Fire Chief came out of a meeting and said there going to an 40hr week. Our inspectors and Chief Officers up till that point where staying one night a week to serve as a safety officer. Now the Army command has changed and we are going to attempt to get there hours back but we need some help with justification and a good angle to present to the command ether ôSafety Officer" w/night inspections?

    What do you think, is there any help out there?


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    Contact IAFF Local F-33, San Diego Fed Firefighters. We went through this years ago, from a 56 to a 40. After several years of not getting our inspections and reports done, they went back to a 56. Good luck.

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