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    Question how to become a firefighter

    hi, i am a senior in high school. i want to become a firefighter after i graduate. i was wondering if anybody could tell me the best route to take about how to become a firefighter and what i should do for enrollment and classes that should be take. any advise would be great and i will do anything possible. i am in the Tampa bay area.

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    welcome, First off go to your local department, fill out an application, and hopefully you"ll get voted in, after that then go to fire school and pay attention.

    I am not a Firefighter yet but looking into it as well, that the answer most people would give you on here. make sure you get FF1 FF2 and FF3, and other certifacation's and hopefully you"ll get paid, although you may not want to do this for the rest of your life, you can stay a Volly as long as you want.

    Me for instance I am just doing it so i have something to do on the side instead of me sitting at home doing nothing and playing on the computer constantly. Why sit home if i can lend a hand somewhere else you know.

    Good luck.

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    Default Your answer to how to become a firefighter...

    Hi, Im new to this forum, and I just saw where you posted the question "how do I become a firefighter?" I have a 17y.o. daughter who became a Jr Firefighter when she was 16, and my husband and step-son are both volunteer firefighters. My step-son is going to school to become a prefessional firefighter. I, however, am only an EMT, but I do know something about becoming a firefighter. It may be too late, you may have already found out, but if not, there are 2 ways to go about it, depending on whether you want to do it as a paid career or not.

    Either way, first you need to apply to your local volunteer fire department. If that department supports the Jr Firefighter Program, you could join now if your parents sign a waiver. You just can't participate in training before youre 18, that would require you to wear an SCBA(self contained breathing apparatus) or play with fire!! But there is a lot of training you could now toward your certification hours. If you know someone on your local volunteer department who can give you a good recommendation, that would be great. If not, then just fill out an application and tell them how much you really want to do this. Then, if you only want to do it on the side, you will be able to get "firefighter hours" through in-house training at that fire department. You will most assuredly be given a training schedule, if not, then ask for one. And occasionally other department will invite all area firefighters to their training sessions. These things will be posted wherever they post announcements at your respective department. If your state is anything like mine (Kentucky) there are also what is called "fire schools" every so often. That is, weekend "get-away" training hosted by your states fire service organization. Here in KY it's the Green River Firefighter's Association. But you'll learn all this after joining a department.

    Now, if you decide you want to do it as a career, you should also be able to get that info from your department. If not, then call the local community college or technical school and ask for details about their Fire Science Program and how to enroll etc etc. Ok, so that should get you started. Good luck!! See you on the fireground!

    ~~Would you like to talk to the Paramedic in charge, or the EMT who knows what's going on?"

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    Default how to

    I just really realiezed that I want to be a firefighter. and I was wondering where to start, I know that I don't want to be a firefighter in my town case its way to small. How do I apply to fire school? where are some of the bigger ones?? I really don't know much I just know I want to be a firefighter and help people.

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    Hey Tarheels,

    There's a lot of good advice on this website, and these forums. When I joined the fire department I had no idea what a firefighter really did. The academy was a major eye opener, and a job killer for many. So as you search for the job also familiarize yourself with the demands of the job, so you can prepare yourself for the upcoming academy.

    I produced a 90 minute documentary on the fire academy experience. Focusing on the job inside the structure fire. Check out the trailer on Youtube and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. www.firewerxfilms.com the name of the movie is: Ricky's Rib Shack, a Firefighter's Journey.

    Good luck to you!

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    Well first it depends on the state you live in. And thinking your town is small dosnt necessarily lead to a under funded or a under trained department. Your best bet would be to join your local fire department and complete the Mandatory test, or what your state may call it.

    In Indiana firefighter certifications go in this order to kinda give you an idea.

    Mandatory Firefighter, recently changed from the "24"- 50 question test
    Basic Firefighter- You will get after one year of Mandatory
    Firefighter I/II- 150 question test, recently changed from Master Firefighter I/II

    Of course there are more certifications but those are the ones you will have to get pretty soon after becoming a firefighter. On my department is a bylaw you have to be I/II within two years.

    Go to your local department and see if they offer the class to new recruits.

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