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    Default Class project: Specing out an apparatus. Help?

    Heyy everyone. So I have to do a project for class: Specing out a vehicle and proposing this to city leaders in hopes of them wanting to purchase it. I'm not yet on a department because I actually just became a state certified firefighter last night (Yay!) so I am not sure what exactly actual departments really look for. Any tips or ideas from you guys who really know what departments look for would really help. I'm kinda stuck =/. Thanks!

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    We are currently specing a rescue pumper and 100ft. platform truck. If you are still working on the project let me know I can email the specs I should be getting them this week.

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    NFPA 1901 has a section, Appendix B, that talks about specifying and purchasing fire apparatus.


    Scroll down to "View the 2009 Edition of this Document." On the sign in page, click "all other visitors." You will have to fill out an online registration form, but then you can view the document. It has a lot of good information.
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    Not sure what your focus is (engine, ladder, squad, utility, etc) but from a standpoint of trying to "sell" a project to city leaders, I'd choose an apparatus that either enhances the safety of the citizens or combines multiple older apparatus. Politicians like to save money and support projects that better serve their citizens. If your city has no ladder, work with that, numerous old apparatus with similar functions and little staff? A combo unit. In the end, you can spec the hell out of a unit, but it has to be a palatable project to the community leaders to get their support. Good luck, this is a good place to get apparatus info, there's a lot of knowledge from all sides in this forum.

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