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    Default is a lawsuit the right way to go?

    Earlier this year we held elections for the positons of chief, trustee, and secretary. A nomination was made from the floor for one of the people who were on the nomination commitee. He was elected and some of the department was not happy because of this. A couple of months later we held another election for the same positons because of the unhappy people. The chief position was won by the previous chief. About a month or so after this I brought a 47 item list of safety concerns to the board of directors, giving each of them a copy and going through this list with them. Since this time (4 months) no one has approached me about these items and told me what the board is doing about them. My question is do I have a leagal case agaist them for doing nothing or failure to get back to me with the status of where the items are at? I am considering legal actions against them but unsure if I have a case. I am not the only one that feels that this is the last resort to get them to listen to us and address the safety issues that are pressing.

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    I don't see grounds for a lawsuit in anything you wrote.

    If you have that much of a problem with the way things are being run, I suggest you resign.

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    for safety issues, call OSHA.

    for the elections, why was the minority able to run another election? and how did the minority change the will of the majority? sounds really shady
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