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    Nope! I myself am an explorer i believe that we are not allowed to drive the apparatus. I do believe that an explorer with a legal liscense should be able to drive vehicles that aren't in service. Some of our training consists of only the 6 of us and one advisor. And if no engine is avalible then we must use a utility with 5 person max. We also have two ford explorers that are used for fire department use and one of which isn't in service. Do you think the older explorers should be able to drive this so the older explorers don't have to use their personal vehicles to transport us to the drill areas????

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    Quote Originally Posted by mspradio2215 View Post
    the question came up last night at our dept. drill/meeting, "should explorers be allowed to drive apparatus?" the apparatus in question was a Polaris Ranger. Does anyone have any Dept SOGs regarding this, or is there some sort of law governing this? looking for any assistance. thanks in advance!

    In our department our SOGs dictate that under no circumstance are eplorers aloud to drive any department vehicle for any reason whatsoever that's the personells job

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