Buffalo Fire Department (NY) Nov.21-08
Story in Buffalo Evening News.

Firefighters union elects new president
The membership of the Buffalo Professional Firefighters Local 282 elected a new president Thursday evening for the first time in six years.

Elected was Daniel M. Cunningham, who challenged and defeated the current union president, Joseph E. Foley, who has served at the helm of the union since 2003.

Vote tabulations were unavailable late Thursday.

Other officers elected Thursday were Vincent R. Gugliuzza, vice president; Marc A. Suggs, treasurer; Philip J. Ryan, secretary; and Martin V. Barrett, sergeant- at-arms.


Firefighters have voted to replace most of the current Local 282 Board. Many hope this is a signal of change - strengthening of "Contract and Open Leadership."

Long overdue - BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!