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    I am a junior at University of Florida and I've recently decided to pursue a career path as a firefighter. UF does offer a 2 year program for junior-senior year for a bachelor of science in fire emergency services. The problem is to qualify, you need to get all of your gen-ed stuff out of the way as a freshman and sophomore, and I still have some of those courses left to take since I didn't plan on this back then.

    Would I be better off just graduating and taking the certification courses for FF1, FF2, EMT, etc., or would you recommend putting off graduation (by a semester or 2) in order to pursue my BS in Fire Emergency Services?

    UF does however offer some certificate courses for the following 3: executive fire officer, executive ems officer, and executive emergency management officer. My second question is if it is worth pursuing one of those? (Those options are available to people who do not major in Fire Emergency Services)

    Another option I have is to stop pursuing my undergrad degree and enroll in a Fire Science program at a CC, but I am not sure how those compare to the one here.

    From what I can gather, it seems I should plan on just starting with volunteering at the local FD here. But what else should I be doing at this point? And which of my options would you recommend? If you were starting your career over and could do it any way you wanted, what would you say is the best course of action to becoming a FF?

    Thanks for taking the time to read

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    I would graduate and get the fire 1 and 2 if your ultimately trying to become a firefighter. But even if you do put it off you could still always get the firefighter 1 and 2.

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