I'm sorry if these questions get asked alot, but I'm really confused by the whole process. Anyways, I'm 16, and seriously considering pursuing a career in Firefighting, and I had some questions about the whole process.

First off, I know I need my EMT, and I know I want atleast an Associates in Fire Science, but what exactly are Firefighter I and II, and are those college classes, or do you take them from some kind of private organization to recieve your certification? Do you have to go to a Fire Academy to become a career Firefighter?

What are the usual requirements for a volunteer Firefighter, and can I do that while I get my degree?

What other kinds of certifications should I go after to ensure that I have an edge on the other applicants when I finally apply to become a career Firefighter?

Where should I start after HS, and what's a good order to acquire everything in?

I'm going to start right now by becoming a Junior Firefighter at my local station, and getting the books Essentials of Fire Fighting, The Aspiring Firefighter's Two-Year Plan, Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam, and Smoke Your Firefighter Interview and start devouring as much information as I can.