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    Default Public safety exam?

    Im going to take a public safety exam. Im testing for Boise Idaho but I heard you can send your results to other depts. Does anyone know about Public safety? What should I expect? What is the best way to prepare? Ive taken a few civil service exams. Are They similiar.

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    Default Public Safety

    Ohhh Public Safety what a scam. In all seriousness I got hired off of public safety but don't even want to mention how much money overall I spent on them. The way it works is fairly simple. You can test with them every six months, they will keep your score for a year. So what you want to do if you really want to get hired, is test every six months, after you have taken each test work on the types of questions that you were stuck on so that in six months when you take it again you almost guarantee you will be more successful than before. Then what happens is your scores will continue to go up and up and hopefully it will go up enough that you can get some interviews. The problem again with PS, is although they will accept your score and "send" them out every six months to the perspective Dept's. You have no idea if the Dept. is even hiring. I finally got smart and got online and found every website for each dept. called and found out what was their timetable for actually hiring. If they weren't going to hire for two years or only hire every other year, there was no point in wasting the money with Public Safety adding them on my list. Also some dept. on Public Safety's list will say requires FF1 or EMT to get hired, obviously if you don't have those requirements you can't even add them to the list but there are also many depts. who although don't explicitly require it, will not or have not hired guys without out either or both. I for example went down to one of the local fire stations on the list and found out that although it doesn't mention it on PS website they only hire people with FF1. Saved me $25 the next time I signed up for depts. when testing. Also in your situation if you really want to get hired and can and am able to possibly move you have a much better chance of getting hired if you apply for everyone you possibly can, give yourself better odds instead of worse. Hope this helps if you have anymore questions feel free to drop me a line,
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