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    Default New NFPA requirments effect on reconditioned truck

    Our fire department has a tender that has a newer chassie placed under an older tank/body assemble. The older body is starting to wear out and were looking at replacing it in the next year or so.

    My question is will putting a new body on this chassie mean that the truck will have to be brought up to all these new 2009 standards. Many of the new standards involve the chassie itself (tire pressure monitors and such) and it may be impossible to update this 1997 chassie to those standards.

    Just thought I'd ask

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    No, you will not have to meet all of the new 1901 standards. NFPA 1912 covers refurbishing. It states that only components being replaced should meet the requirements in 1901.


    Scroll down to "View the 2006 Edition of this Document." On the sign in page, click "all other visitors." You will have to fill out an online registration form, but then you can view any NFPA document online for free.
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