Good evening everyone! My wife entered a contest a few weeks ago and became one of the finalists. I hate to do this but we need all the help we can get. Below is the email we've been sending out to eveyone so if you've gotten it through other means I apologize. She really needs the help these folks can offer. After not being able to have children we were blessed with triplet boys! You can imagine what that did to my poor wife but she takes care of my little tailboarders eveyday and never complains a bit. We can't afford the surgery on my salary no matter how much OT I work. Her name is Teryn and the link is below. Help a brother out and send this on to the guys and gals on your contact list too. Thanks in advance, everyone buckle up and stay safe.

Thanks a million and eveyone add me to your contact list. I'm down in Texas (Dallas area) so if anyone ever needs anything of course you shouldn't hesitate to ask. You can get me at

Here's her email to the radio station

Hey everyone,
About 2 weeks ago I entered a contest on 106.1 KISSFM for an “ultimate makeover” with the TV show “the Doctors”. The winner goes to LA to be on the show and will get the plastic surgery of their choice (mine is a tummy tuck and breast augmentation to fix what carrying triplets and breastfeeding them for over a year did!) There was over 2,000 entries and the radio station staff narrowed it down to 4 finalists. I was called this morning on my cell and I was on the radio (some of you heard) and they let me know that I was one of the “final four”. Now it’s up to the listeners to vote for the winner. Please go to the link below and vote for me this week!! Also, please send this to all your friends/family, etc. so that they can vote for me too! Now that my stomach is out there for the world to see, I really need to get it fixed!!! The winner is announced next Tuesday, December 2nd………(the surgery would be early next year)

OH, people have been asking if you have to be local to DFW to vote and the answer is no – anyone with access to the internet can vote!!
I apologize if you got this more than once. I sent it to every email address I had for you
Thanks so much!!!