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    A friend of mine was burned alive last week in his car.

    He crashed into another car,he didn't even drive that fast,the other driver wasnt even hurt.His car started catching fire and in a matter of seconds,bystanders saw him trying to break the rear window by kicking it but alas...
    Multiple witnesses were in schock when they they pulled his burned corpse out of the car.

    A:For some reason he didn't open his door,does anyone know why?(the handle too hot or something?/in schock from the accident?/temporarily unconcious?/...)

    B:If I were him,what could I've done to escape that burning car?

    C:What could an unequipped civilian have done to save him?

    Sorry for these questions,but I really need to know,otherwise it feels like he's died in vein.

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    Well, your posting this in the explorer section so you wont get many replies.

    But.. Let me start by saying, may god watch over your friend.

    Second, its very very common for when a vehicle is struck, its door will be jammed either by direct force clamping the door closed, or the metal is over the edge of the door so it wont open.

    Also, a bystander.. well i cant speak for everyone, only myself, but i would have looked for a rock or something hard to break the rear window so he could get out. But than again i want to be a firefighter.. its only natural to help people.

    Either it be fear for their own life or just in to much shock to think on the edge, some people will just stare and watch in horror.

    If you feel as though he did die in vein, change that, use his death as an example to help save others, Educate yourself how to safely break a window, than educate others, so if god forbid something like this were to happen around you or to you, you can know how to save someones life or even yours.

    My views and opinions are in no way affiliated with my department.
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    May your friend rest in peace.

    If your not getting many replys you can Re-post this in the main firefighter forums if you wish.

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    May your friend rest in peace.

    I would have to say that you need to move this to the main page. Explorers dont have the experience to advise you on this topic unless its from personal experience but the firefighters and emts will have lots of advice for you. If you move it over there I will comment as a firefighter/emt, in this forum I am an Explorer advisor
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    I would first like to say, May God rest his soul and sorry for your loss.
    Second, I would suggest, maybe his vehicle struck somthing so hard, that the force of the impact can acually bend the car by its chassie, then jaming the doors. Maybe he was unconscience and he couldn't force his way out of the door/window. I dont know what really happened, but the bottom line is that, its so sad that it was probably unavoidable to happen, like they say, things happen for a reason. May God protect us all through the tough times and the dangerous world.

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