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    Asking for advice on my next course of action if any. I recently reapplied to a department that hired one about a year ago. I was one of three that was asked to come in for the background check. I came in second or third, really does not matter at that point, but I waited for the next job posting and when it came I jumped at it. Hand delivered my application to H.R., sent all my certs and waited. Got a letter from their H.R. two months later that said thank you for coming to your interview, but you did not score high enough and will not continue in the process. Problem is that I was never at an interview. No one mailed me a letter, called or anything. Based on how high I ranked last time and a call to the H.R. office that sent the secretary into a tizzy I assume someone there dropped the ball and I was supposed to be interviewed. During my first interview process it became clear to me that calling H.R. is pointless as they could give me no information at the time and when the city finally hired they were unaware. I was directed to the fire chief who eventually told me the news. Based on that experience and the one phone call to H.R. that went without a phone call in return and an explanation I emailed the chief (as he is the only contact listed for the department) and informed him of the circumstances and the letter I received. I know he is probably extremely busy and my email is a low priority but I don't want to lose a chance by sitting on my laurels. The last thing any department wants to do is hire a guy that looks like he may be a whiner so I am avoiding that label at all costs, but at the same time I feel wronged. Anyone have any advice as to what I should do next if anything?
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    It sounds like you fell through the cracks. I am sure this is a HUGE disappointment for you. You worked hard and performed well in the process. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do at this point. As you have seen already, the Fire Chief has he rule of three. This means that he can interview three people for each one opening.

    Even if you made enough noise to get a second interview, the decision has already been made to hire somebody else. The best thing that you can do at this point is to back off. You may even consider sending a letter to the Fire Chief stating, that while you are disappointed you were not selected this time, you hope to remain on the list for future openings.

    If you force his hand (by going above him) you can be assurred that you will NEVER get a job with that department.
    Yes, you were wronged, however, you have no recourse.
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    Paul Lepore
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    Sorry. Your best course of action after your initial inquiry is to move on.

    Although there could be exceptions I've never seen an agency reconvene an oral board for anyone they was left out in error. If you made it this far, you can probably do it again.

    "Captain Bob"

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