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    We're brining a new recruit and we're trying to fit him for boots. His foot fits a 10 Wide but the portion of the boot that extends up the lower leg (we'll call it the barrel of the boot) is TIGHT! This guys legs are like tree trunks, LOL. I called the supplier who in turn called the manufacturer and asked if they could make the barrel bigger, and thay said it would take like 40 hours to make that portion bigger and be way to expensive. The supplier had suggested lace/zip up leather (we currently run rubber Air Boss Defense Elites) Has anyone ever run into this problem and what did you do to solve it?



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    I have size 13W feet (yeah ok call them landing gear, outriggers, whateva...) and I have yet to find one manufactured "bunker" boot that fits nicely. A Mfr. rep suggested that same exact thing yours did, and thats what I have been wearing for the last 10 year or more......10" tall Warrington Pro's that are NFPA certified for entry. Fits me much better and my feet aren't as tired after a long drawn out incident. Sometimes it's a pain in the *** zipping up the zips in a hurry , I just make sure they are lubricated with soap on occasion.
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    Cut-back boots, such as the Warrington Pro-5000 and Pro-5006 are likely going to be your best bet as there is more calf room at the back of the boot, and the boot tops seem to be a little wider than any of the rubber boots I have ever worn. Not to mention the lighter weight and extreme comfort that are just added plusses.
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    Good lukc finding lace up/zipper boots right now. The standard changed, not sure what part, and they are all discontinued until new ones come out. You ay be able to find some that are still in stock though.
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    I am going through the same exact problem. I have large calves and it is very difficult for me find a boot the will work for me. I was at a fire convention and Globe was there. I even had the same problem with their boots. They said they could custom make the boots for me, but it would add almost $200 onto an already expensive boot.

    I have been useing the same boots my whole fire career (only a lil over 2 years). At first I did not really have a problem. But now I can hardy get into them, and if I can they absolutely kill my feet and legs. Last house fire we had I took over pumping operations for the engine because I could not even get my boots on. I have tried, Pro Warrenton, Thorogood, Globe, and none of them work.

    Currently I have have a pair of Ranger 16" Shoe-Fit Rubber Boots......

    They say they fit better because they are kinda build like regular shoes. This is really my last option. If these do not work I am prolly just going to have to fork out $600 for something that fits.

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    i find my 14 wide standard leather boots from globe fit my legs a lot better than the rubber air boss ones i had before
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    Try the Ranger firewalkers. I wear a size 15 and have very large ankles and calves. They fit fine.

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    I have a 13W, when I go out to the truck next I will look at the brand on my pull up leathers, but they fit rather nicely and my calf is big. I mean it's hard to say really, can't compare my calf to others to help out. Maybe I'll measure.
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