well here i am at the mercy of the f**kin internet, my name is michael patrick, and i live in winnipeg canada, i am 25. Last year i saved two dogs from a house fire, it was great i never had such clairity it felt great, the first ones free they say. then my grandfather set himself on fire by igniting his oxygen with a cigarette, this time i didnt feel so great about it.i put him out then dialed 911 i tried to recesitae him but being untrained as i was, it was no good he died in my arms. while he layed there releasing gasses and twitching the fire paramedics came. when i saw the men take my grandfather out into the ocean of red lights i felt 2 feet tall (im 6.3 -225) like i could never be able to hold my head up quite as high as them. I wasted a good chunk of my life doing f**k all, and it seemed to me that i could never be a fire fighter like all i could do was look up to these men, one of which was clearly younger than me. a million miles away i would have never even considered it, see i didnt graduate high school, my drivers permit was like 10 grand, and i had my femur broken in a drunk driving accident, and they said i wouldnt walk the same. man it just goes on dont worry im not singin you a sob story...yet. So a guy i used to race mx with tells me to check the academy out...nahh i thought, not a chance i already f**ked my life up. But one thing lingered for a couple of weeks, it was that clairity i had both times (the fire and my grandpa). im pretty sure im addicted to it, right. so i look into it. Now i can tell you every major fire thats taken place in my city. im like obsessed with all of it im finishing my grade twelve as we speak my license is under two grand, my doctor has given me a clean bill of health (i trained hard to get it) infact i run 8-10 kms every sunday, and best of all im going to fire-paramedic school next simester. i sold my dirt bike to buy all my gear and all of my text books, my family helped alot. we dont have alot of money but we got-er done. in fact i already work two jobs to pay rent, and school fees. I dont even have a phone to cut cost life is expensive when you f**k around for ten years and dont pay your s**t.(my fault i know im cool with that) now for the sob. Someone stole my turnout bag with my books my turnout and some of my tools, everything. they did leave my boots, but understand this bag was my life line, who the f**k would ever steal a firefighters gear...WHY (i know im not a firefighter yet but still) the worst part is my helmet was in there, my mother bought me a cairns classic 1000 with the face shield, this was easily my most prized possession. ill tell you now that helmet put my mother out, this breaks my heart that someone would steal it from me i wrote a letter to cairns msa to see if they could help out we will find out i guess. anyways respectfuly if anyone could help me out by parting with some surplus anything helps, i really cant express just how much it would help me and how thankfull i would be. if it were just one item or even a few i would never ask, but pride aside. NOTHING is going to stop me fom being a firefighter, so here i am. Theres just no way ill be able to afford new stuff again in time. Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read this, and if you feel i just wasted your time thank you anyways have a merry Christmas, and happy Hanukkah. see you in there.