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    Default like to find a usaf 0-12 crashtruck

    My Father drove and operated a 0-12 crashtruck in the late fifties. Ever since I was a little boy I loved hearing his stories about the rare truck. I'd like to be able to finally see one for myself and maybe even with my father. I know he would flip if he saw one again.

    The only info I found on the unit was in a book about air force firefighters and according to my Dad there was alot that conflicted with his memories and the only picture of it was not correct. The 0-12 was built by Americanlafrance in the fifties. My Dad thinks there were no more than seven. It was an eightwheeled allwheel drive cross between an 0-11 and a p-2.

    If anyone has any info on the where abouts of one ,maybe in someones collection or museum I would appreciate knowing about it. I have more info I can give you if needed.


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    Does this look familiar? You may want to go to www.dodfire.com and contact the owner (Donald Warner). He may have some additional information on the apparatus. I seriously do not think any are still intact however one could be sitting in a farmers field somewhere. You'd be surprised where some of the old apparatus is found!
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