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    Default Researching Chgo FD Info on family members...

    I've been working on compiling information on my dad and Grandfather who were both on Chicago FD in the 50's and 60's.

    I was emailing with Fr. John McNalis and then had a computer crash and lost the emails, his email address and a lot of other valuable info I'd compiled.

    Does anyone have contact info for Fr. John McNalis or Ken Little? There's a photo in the Volume III of their book History of the Chicago Fire Houses 20th Century 1926-1956, that I believe is my father and I'd like to see if I could obtain a better copy of the photo for my story.

    The photographer who actually is credited in the photo is Jeff Stern and I can't find anything on him anywhere.

    Any help is appreciated!!
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    Default Me too!

    My grandfather was on in Chinatown in the late 40's early 50's. I would like to find some information on this time period as well. I have an old picture of the guys from the Chinatown station posed outside in front of the new tiller truck. I know my Grandfather was on the ladder until they bought the tiller. He was on Engine 8 and was injured in a fire in the early 50's. Any info you might have would be great! Thanks!

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