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    Exclamation Cop wanting to get EMT-B

    I am a Police Officer in the Portland Metro area and have a personal goal of becoming a Basic-EMT. I was a first responder in the military and liked it very much. I get a lot of crap for wanting to get medical training but I still think it would be helpful to have that training.
    Is there anybody in the metro area that can give me tips on where to go. Im trying to find somthing that is pretty schedule friendly because I'm a rather new Officer and my schedule is chaotic. I might not be able to get into this training for 6 months or more but it's still good to plan ahead. Thanks alot for any information you can give me.

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    PCC has a program, but it looks like you'd have to take some other classes too. You might check Clack. Com. College and Chemeketa.


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    Another vote for PCC.

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    Chemeketa Comm. Coll

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