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    Default Residency Requirements

    Specifically Chicago FD's, but have any of you fought one anywhere else and won?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FudPucker View Post
    Specifically Chicago FD's, but have any of you fought one anywhere else and won?

    I live near you and do not live in the district at either of my FD's.

    I never had to fight...
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    Of course laws vary by state, but in my previous experience as a union president in a department that used to have a residency requirement, I've looked in to this issue before. In the research I did, I found that residency requirements based on a geographical/political boundary usually didn't hold up, but residency requirements based on response time to a particular station did. In other words, courts had generally held that you couldn't require a person to "live within the city limits of Town X," but you may be able to require them to live, "within 30 minutes driving time of the headquarters fire station of Town X." Your experience based on your own state and your state's case law may differ.

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