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    Message in Bottle Tossed Off NJ in '69 Found in NC

    Updated 1:24 AM EST, Wed, Dec 3, 2008

    A man and his 3-year-old daughter found the bottle in October along a North Carolina beach -- about 400 miles from where it was released.

    A message in a bottle tossed into the ocean off Barnegat Bay has turned up in North Carolina 39 years later.

    The note was sealed in a Schaefer beer bottle. It was dated Aug. 17, 1969 and read: "If found notify the North Haledon Fire Co. 2."

    Mark Ciarmello and his 3-year-old daughter found the bottle along a beach in Corolla, N.C., in October. That's about 400 miles from where it was released.

    The Downingtown, Pa., resident says he got on his cell phone, called North Haledon and e-mailed photos of the bottle to the firefighters.

    No one is sure who tossed the bottle. But firefighters suspect it was during one of the many fishing trips that they used to take years ago.

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    Terry Today at 1:10 PM My parents met through a note in a bottle, my Dad and a friend found the note, they both wrote to my mom and let her decide who to continue correspondence with, fortunate for me she picked the right guy,

    LadyM Today at 12:45 PM Posting as anonymous takes alot of courage. I am proud to be American, and I lived on the ocean for 5 years. It is awful for people to litter whether it be in the ocean or on land. I like that you are so upset by this, Ananymous, I hope you put some of your litter hating energy into your local recycling programs. Do you pick up trash if you see it on the ground? If not, why I would lean to believe that you are just as much part of the litter problem. Talk is cheap. I can remember being in science class and we all wrote notes and put them into bottles and threw them in the ocean. I remember my mom finding a bottle in Florida that had a note in it and it led her to a wonderful dinner and stay in Miami at a great Hotel. Hey Ananymous, if you live in the United States, it is your freedom to leave. I hear Canada is real clean.

    Joy Today at 12:01 PM We don't know if this is true or not. Sometimes we just have to be very open minded about certain things. Let your imagination be free at times.

    fernberger Today at 11:11 AM This proves the point that what we throw in the ocean never goes away. Don't litter.

    pam Today at 9:58 AM I thought it was a great story, to bad they don't know who sent it.

    strange Today at 9:45 AM i saw the piece on tv this morning. The guy who found it said he knew it was a Schaeffer's bottle because the cap was like the day it was thrown in the ocean 39 years ago (not a quote). Come on America,that long in the salty ocean and the cap looks almost perfect? Something strange about this story.

    MarylandGirl Today at 9:00 AM Why post a comment if you are going to be negative? With all the negative press from our media enjoy something lighthearted for a change

    Anonymous Today at 8:46 AM Typica Americans littering the ocean with their junk {MalNote: JACK-R-JERK! No sense of HA HA}

    rool Today at 6:31 AM iloveyou
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