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    Default Remember the Worcester 6

    December 3, 1999 we lost six brothers in the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse. Let they be forever in our hearts:

    Paul Brotherton
    Timothy Jackson
    Jay Lyons
    Jeremiah Lucey,
    Joseph McGuirk
    Lt. Thomas Spencer

    I know I'll never forget as this was the first time I felt crushed by a news story. This tragedy also brought about probably the most memorable moments in my career as we marched through the streets of the second largest city in New England and could hear nothing but footsteps and weeping. It was deafening. Rest in peace Brothers.

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    I went to the remenbrance wall unveiling Wednesday night. Over 1000 Brothers and Sisters turned out to honor the W6.
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    I hear ya capt. .. Sitting there and watching the news that night at it got progressively worse was one ****ty *** feeling i hope to not feel again .

    I believe last night was very fitting . There was alot lifted for some of the brothers ,, you could just see it .. Bittersweet.. As one of the guys said to me last night , " its to bad that something so terrible had to lead to something so nice " .. To the Brothers , the Families , and to all the Depts . that showed support , esp. the local Depts here in Mass that have been there since the beginning , A tip of the hat to all ... Nicely done..

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    We were sitting at work at the dispatch center watching the news as it broke and as it got progressively worse. Still can't believe it happened and that it happened that long ago. Doesn't seem like 9 years ago already.

    RIP brothers.
    Jason Knecht
    Township Fire Dept., Inc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainGonzo View Post
    Over 1000 Brothers and Sisters turned out to honor the W6.

    RIP W6
    Fire Marshal/Safety Officer


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