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    Default TRT Rope, SOP

    Looking at setting up SOP for rope rescues. does any one have any to share.
    Currently SOP is to follow our state's curriculum for rigging and knots.

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    I would limit the technical information in your SOP. What if someone, out of need, deviates from your states curriculum? Most states have a fairly generic rescue program that doesn't address specific incidents. There is no one-way to do all rescue scenarios. Additionally, I encourage people to take ownership of their technical rescue program and not be limited to what one "authority" tells them.

    Consider putting in levels of training, who is suppossed to be notified and respond, in-service training. Also consider calling them SOG (Standard Operating Guidelines). This definition gives you more flexibility and gives your personnel the chance to be creative in their systems when needed.


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    Our SOG covers levels of training, equipment specifications, including maintenance, inspection, and removal from service. We also cover go/no go situations. This can cover you when someone asks why you didn't make a more aggressive rescue attempt (rescue vs. recovery). Other details could be worked to your department standards.

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    Default Sop's/Sog's

    Can you send me a copy of your SOG's Asst48?


    If anybody has any TRT SOP's please e-mail them to me also, any help would be greatly appreciated
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