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    Default Can High Cholesterol keep me from getting hired

    I made it through the interview, took the physical exam and they said my cholesterol was high 230, can this keep me from getting hired will they just throw me out. freakin out

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    Default Hummmm.

    I donít think they will eliminate you from the academy. However if you cannot lower your cholesterol, do you think you will make it through the academy? As good of a job as the fire department can be, you donít want to kill yourself for it.

    Ask your Dr. if he will sign off on it. Chances are that the dept will have your dr. fill out a form prior to you being hired.

    Good Luck,

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    Candando, did you fast before your blood draw? Although this is a relatively high number (anything over 200), this could have been attributed to you not doing a proper fast beforehand. How is your health overall?

    Although, it could be genetics as you might hear, try retesting with your private Dr. after properly fasting and see what the difference is. Couldnt hurt. And at least if it comes out high the second time around, you know it is something that you need to bring under control.

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    It sure might. I passed everything and was told I had the job then my Cholesterol came back 241 and that was it! They told me that I failed the physical. Wish you much luck!

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