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    Default C. E. D. A. P. Equipment?

    Has anyone received any information about when we will receive are equipment from the C. E. D. A. P. Grant. The letter we received said that they would contact us in 2 to 3 weeks that was in October. Has any other department heard from them? Any information would be helpful.

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    Last year, it took us more than 9 months, but that delay waas all about scheduling the training. In fact, we made out better for the delay, as the "original" equipment (we got the HLS-CAM - all computer /electronics equipment) was no longer available, so they gave us upgraded versions of what was in the original package...
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    I don't know what equipment that you were awarded, but we took delivery of our new TNT extrication equipment about 2 weeks ago. It might be that the vendor and the govt. are still working things out. Stay cool, you will get it. Oh yea, congrats on your award.

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    My dept got awarded the Mini Thermal monocular (Police Dept), and I am going to Washington DC in Feb 09 for training, with the unit being sent one week later.

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