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    Default reusable training props

    I have recently become the training officer for a small town department. I am looking to mix up some training with some new drills. I am looking for plans on how to make a reusable boat and car for fire trainings. Any help or ideas would be great.

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    We use an old car with all flamables removed, we have two natural gas burners coming from under the car, one in the engine compartment and one coming up though the floor of the car. There are two gas valves, one for each burner so the trainer can control the intensity of the fire according to the suppresion efforts of the crew. I've never paid too much attention to the type of burners used but I can get some pics if you like.

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    Could you post some pictures of your car fire trainer?
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    Default Reusable props

    I, too have recently became training officer for my small town fire dept. I would appreciate it if someone could give me ideas or sugggestions about possible drills. Something to do with skills would be nice.

    Much appreciated,
    training officer

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    Cool Props

    I have built many props, I can post pictures of a car fire prop that I built on here, but it will be tomorrow. We have 3 burners in a large cargo van that allows for engine compartment fires, passenger compatment fires, and storage fires to be used with haz-mat and such.

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    Default Props


    We've done the car prop, the roof prop, and a few other miscellaneous ones for RIT and mayday training. One i have heard about is acquiring a burned out or otherwise ruined dumpster and using it for (duh) dumpster fire simulations. I have not been able to locate one though, as the local waste recovery company welds new bottoms into theirs. What else are you guys using out there?
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