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    Hello Folks,

    as an Offshore emergency firefighter our SCBA equipment is cleaned by a 3rd party contractor and some questions have raised about the proper cleaning of the second stage regulator.

    Should you clean the regulator after each use, they are shared units. They are cleaned sometimes and just left in the open air to collect dust dirt and debris. Any recommendations for proper storage of unhook regulators?

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    I'm fortunate enough that my department issues a regulator for every member that you change out. That seems to be the norm in california now, however I could be wrong.
    My department uses Scott SCBAs, and they recommend a cleaning process, along with a cleaning spray that should be used.(something like 6 sprays in the regulator, then let it sit for ten minutes, then rinse and air dry.)

    I do know that with our recent MMRs, the department issued mask bags and has stressed the importance of storing your MMR in the bag because dust particles can cause some of the inner workings of the MMR to not function properly.

    Look up some information on the manufacturer, they may be able to help you out.

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    Default Thnaks

    Thanks for the quick reply, as i have to bring the info to our SHE people to convince them of the importance of proper storage and hygiene.

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    our departments motto "clean to the manufactures recommendations". We use simple dish soap/water or weak bleach/water solution then a good rinse. I myself would wash it everytime I go on shift.
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