New here, i'm pursuing a career in ff. Just got laid off (this economy sucks) and it's now or never to try and become a ff since i'm 28yrs. old. I'm enrolled to take the basic emt and basic ff tech (i think it's the 36 hr volunteer course) in the spring at the local community college. The college says they don't have the straight 240-hr training, they only offer the 36hr tech, then you can do the 84hr ff1, and THEN the 120hr FFII. Does this sound right? I'm in NW Ohio, it seems some guys in NE ohio I know were able to just get the 240 straight up? My plan is to get the emt and basic ff tech cert and apply everywhere for a volunteer position, get my foot in the door....does that sound the best way to go about it given my age? Don't have much time. My wife said she'll go back to work full time while i do all this. This whole process has been confusing so far and not sure i'm going about it correctly. i'm worried i'll go through all this and then have trouble getting hired and then be too old and never be a ff. suggestions please??? is there somewhere else i can do the 240? At this school it seems I won't have the 240 completed till may 2010 (i'll be almost 30 then). then again if i get hired as a volunteer this summer maybe that fd can put me thru the training to be ffII cert? would they do that? sorry so long. thanks guys.