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    Unhappy paramedic school woes

    i have been dating a wonderful firefighter for a short but intense 4 month period. following his orientation for paramedic school he withdrew from me, and 3 days later elected to end our relationship, since he realized the full extent of the intensity of the program. he struggled with emt school and feels if he does not focus all his energy on paramedic school he will not pass. he believes it would be unfair to me to keep me in a relationship where i am not getting any attention. i love him and want to support him, but am heartbroken. any suggestions?

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    I dealt with something similar. I met my now husband the week before he started Paramedic School. He told me he had just started school but didn't explain the extent to what he would be doing and how much time it would take him away from me. My only advice is to let him know you support him and are there for him. Paramedic School is something that is very tough on them and they have no free time. Trust me the I know! He probably feels he is doing you a favor by breaking up with you because he knows he will only be able to dedicate his free time to school.

    Just let him know you will be there for him and hopefully he will come around. Once he sees there is room for you and school in his life then I hope he lets you back in.

    I wish you the best!

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    Dont know if it will make you feel any better, but.....

    Any Paramedic program is a tremendous undertaking, one that the student needs to devote as much time as possible to for the better part of 1.5 to 2 years (or longer, depending on the program.) Topics covered include:

    -Biology -Chemistry -Physiology -Anatomy

    And thats just scratching the surface.

    The poorer the student, the more time he/she will have to devote to the program to have any hope of passing. In many areas of the United States, getting a career firefighting position is dependant on obtaining certification as a Paramedic.

    It was a short relationship. Perhaps he came to realize that he did not feel for you as much as he initially had thought- and the reality of the burden of the Paramedic Program made him "see the light."

    No offense, but perhaps it was the best thing to do. If he stated that he needs to be left alone, then perhaps the best way to support him is to honor his wishes. It's a cliche, but lick your wounds and move on. Time will heal all pain.
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    I never thought it was true!! My instructor told us the first day of medic school, that they average 2-3 divorces a year, and I never thought it was true. But I guess it does.
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