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    Default Experience+Military+College= Job???

    I been a volunteer for 2 years and love the job. I'm in the military for 3 years as a Calvary Scout MOS, I be starting a degree in Fire Science while in the ARMY as well. My question is it luck getting the Full time FF job or will they look at my experience. Also on my army contract I have a Boston FD interview set up for when i get out, Anyone know anything about that or is it a gimmick for me to join. It has the interviewers name and #...

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    The Fire Chief of a department, whom I know personally gave me his input on the whole education thing. I have an AS in Fire Science and a BA in Graphic Design. He said a BA in anything is much better than an AS in Fire Science because almost everyone applying (who take this seriously) has an AS in Fire Science. So yes, it's a good thing to have. It's almost like an unwritten requirement, but they look at a BA as going beyond the standard. Still, get that AS.

    Military will usually earn you an automatic 5-10 points on your interview score. It's a very good feather to have in your cap but it won't guarantee you a job. Just make sure you tell them that you're a Cavalry Scout MS... not Calvary.

    Volunteer FF looks good too. It shows them that you're capable of of doing the job, at least in a volunteer capacity, and that you really want it.

    What it really boils down to is passing the written (looks like you may be bypassing that with Boston), being sharp and kicking butt in the interview, making good life decisions in the past so you breeze through the background investigation, being in good physical shape so you do well in the medical exam, and fulfilling anything else the particular department requires of you. The experience you gain in the military and as a volunteer will increase your maturity level and hopefully provide you with stories to draw on which will help you answer questions in an interview.

    Being lucky won't get you a job if you can't perform... but it can't hurt! So good luck and stay on the path. Sounds like you're doing what needs to be done to get the job.
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    Thank you "SansMustache" you been real helpful, If anyone on Boston FD and knows anything that might help me I really appreciate it, my one shot at it and don't want to mess it up. I have a friend that made FDNY, had a class number and gear on the way but got kick off when they learned about a heart drug he was taking as a precaution to a family gene. Outch!


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    Default More experience is always better

    SansMustache is right on the money. Getting the written score high enough to stand out is the most important first step. They will never get to know you if you don't show up for the interview. So take every written test you are able too, even if you don't plan on working there it is good practice and by the time a department you really want to work for has a test you will be prepared. Not to mention you might think you know exactly where you want to work but the majority of candidates don't get the job they thought they would get, but it always works out. Also volunteering is helpful and looks good. Everyone pretty much has the fire science degree so how good does that look, not sure but not as good as it used too. But the more stuff you have on a resume the better.

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