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    My wife's uncle in England was the Fire Chief at the Greene King brewery volunteer fire dept. As such, he collected a lot of memorabilia over the years. He was given an American Hemet that has PGCFD on the top brass plate and "Fire Dept. 42" on the front. Can anyone tell me where this came from or anything else about it?

    Thanks, Todd

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    The helmet if from the Prince George's County Fire Department in Maryland. I believe Oxon Hill FD is Co. 42.

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    Prince George's County purchased Leather "New Yorkers" from Cairins for years (until Cairins priced themselves out of the market) The Brass "Eagle" style holder for the Shield had PGCFD stamped into the Brass at the factory. The Shield that was used here for a few years in that era was very similar to the one in Trk10Barman's shield shown in his avatar above. Mine had a 18 in the number panel (they were interchangeable, since we could be moved from one station to another) and my ID Number was 204 at the time. Later versions of the Shields had "Fire Dept." where the ID Number had been. The PGCFD went to the Metro 880 (or was it 660) Helmet in 1985.
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