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    Default SCD and the kelly day

    We're currently having a dispute regarding kelly day choices. Long story short, management says seniority/service comp date has no bearing in choices.

    My question to the mighty forum is this... how does your department handle this? Do you have a policy as to what rights a SCD gives your firefighters. We have a policy for leave picks that gives SCD priority so why not kelly day choices??

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    What is management's proposal? We used SCD for Kelly picks when we were on the fixed schedule, but as we're on the rotating system now the point is moot for us.

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    If you are Union, check yourr contract. If not it would probably be up to management.

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    Your Union contract should have this spelled out. If not, your sol. Here in San Diego, it goes by list, not SCD. Say you want a Saturday in your batt. You put in a chit and wait for a Saturday to open up. Capts, Eng's and FF's are all on one list for RDOs.

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