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    Default Mobility Impaired Data base

    I am investigating the idea of a data base of people who would have difficulty escaping from their house in the event of fire due to physical or mental impairment.
    Due to the ageing population and lack of old folk homes, many people are being cared for in their own homes during the day but left alone at night.
    The idea is that when the address comes up a special message is attached to inform responding crews of the likelyhood of a person being unable to escape.
    I am in Adelaide South Australia a city of about 1.2 mill.
    Are there any other Fire Departments that have set up anything similar and what are the major problems?

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    Most major dispatching centers in the United States have the capability of adding "notes" onto the computer for specific addresses. Things like unusual or unique construction, abandoned derelict buildings, hazardous materials information for industrial/commercial properties, and yes, medical information of occupants of residential addresses.

    When a department is dispatched to an address, and the dispatcher acknowledges the first responding unit, they then would pass on the information: "Engine 2, be advised we have additional information from the CAD (computer aided dispatch) advising that there is a bedridden occupant who is on oxygen in the second floor rear bedroom."

    Or: "Engine 7, be advised the fire marshal and code enforcement office have designated this structure as do not enter due to structural damage."

    Or "Chief 3, numerous hazardous materials in this property, we will send a list to your mobile terminal."
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    The local EMA here has done a good job with this type of information. Once a year they take input from home health agencies, social services, and the general public.

    Then they establish a transportation plan for natural disasters requiring evacuations. It was established due to the proximity to a Nuclear Power Plant, but was helpful during some spectacular flooding this summer.

    PM if you want more info.

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