Another thread lead me to thinking what actual good ideas in new kit have come out that improve our operations. Things which improve productivity, safety, comfort and which bear consideration in grant app. Maybe you haven't looked at or heard of.

I've talked to FD and heard "not doing a grant, nothing we need". Oh really? A thermal imager is not going to improve you effectiveness (when the nearest unit you can get mutual aid is 20mi away)? You have LDH so you can relay pump down that rural lane rather than backing tankers 1/2mi? You have a RIT bag and RIC fitting on all your SCBA?

My list of good ideas
- RIT air bag (to lesser extent RIT tool bag)
- LDH w/fittings/appliances
- Thermal Imager (see also RIT)
- Protech gloves that let you actually work with gloves on (of other "modern" gloves)
- Quick attack monitor - an "extra" FF for rural FD.
- NxG SCBA quick cylinder change
- Defender helmet visor - I think only Cairnes has this style, is never scratched or melted and is usable (clear) when you need it.
- Channelock Rescue tool great do all for PPE pocket