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    Default fire dept needs pumper donated

    kirksville vol. fire dept located in madison county ky is needing to get a pumper truck to replace the 1972 pierce that is currently our front run engine. currently our engine is having problems leaking water from the tank having problems with the ability to drive up hills that is not steep at all. we are a poor dept that does not get funding from our county except to pay for our fuel bill. we have tried to get approved for grants and keep getting turned down for whatever reason. if anybody can help please let me know.

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    Default Not easy

    Let me start by saying this ,..It's not very easy to get a dept to donate a pumper, Best of Luck. Have ya'll tried fundraisers? great way to earn money and good PR. Have someone go to the grant writing workshops,.. FEMA has them all over the state every year before grant time.

    Just a couple of ideas bud,.. best of luck with your pumper and dept!!!
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    Default Idea

    Can you move the pump and tank over to a different chassis? Leaks in the tank can be plugged. You may have someone local or near that would have a chassis cheap enough. May also try the group Helping our Own. Good luck.

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    Default Free Engine

    Greetings. Just heard about a contest E-One is having. In short, need to write a 500 word essay. Visit www.E-ONE.com for more info. Good luck from Northern Ky Also looking for info on Interspiro SCBA

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    Hi from Southern Illinois, I just started a FREE website for things such as this, it is designed to link departments in need, with departments who have plenty or too much (if too much is possible), check it out www.firetooltrader.com

    you could make a post in the NEEDED area, hopefully some one will have some thing

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