I am trying to make up a set of dispatch protocols, and would appreciate any assistance I could get.

Our dispatch for our Fire Department is ran through our police department. In the past, there has always been the argument that since it is through our police department, we don't have much say in their policies. I disagree, and so does the fire chief. So, we are in the process of creating new fire/ems protocols that can be placed in the training manual, and hopefully get some "misunderstandings" worked out.

We are a paid full-time department with 2 stations. We provide all Fire/Rescue/EMS services to our city, plus provide EMS for 1/3 of the county, and have an automatic mutual aid agreement with 1 neighboring department (for structure fires, MVA's with extrication, building collapses, aircraft incidents, and a couple other major incident types), and provide mutual aid whenever requested.

If someone had a sample set(s) of protocols they could email me I would greatly appreciate it. We have only one dispatcher that dispatches for a police agency and 3 fire departments.

We do not use NAEMD due to the city manager.

feel free to send emails to

thank you!