For those who haven't seen what is going on here in Australia the news is looking a bit grim for the new renumeration package for professional firefighters in Queensland and New South Wales. Though politicians can vote on higher wage increases for themselves to put quite a few (not all) up to six figure salaries, even though they have been in the political ring for a few years, experienced firefighters trying to keep their heads above water (financial wise) have been offered a 2.5%payrise. Queensland Firefighters have rejected this plan and New South Wales are looking to follow suit considering the annual increases over the past ten years for firefighters are less than the rest of the public sector combined. It seems as though people seem to forget (politicians) that we work some really odd hours, sacrafice our time with families, work a second job to pay the mortgage, but don't do enough to warrant a sufficient pay increase that would keep the experience in the trade... The unions here are working hard to try and keep the situation under control, but as usual throwing money at all problems is not on the cards in this situation as the "current financial" climate doesn't dictate helping the firefighters out.

For those of you who read this and think this is wrong send your comments of support to the New South Wales and Queensland branches of the United Firefighters Union, or on here. These idiots (pollies) need to understand that we work one of the most demanding jobs in the world, and that giving us the crappy end of the stick is just sickening to firefighters the world over! We need to take care of our own because we really cant go on strike to say that we don't agree with what is happening like other jobs!