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    Default Super PASS 3???

    Does anyone have any opinions on the new Super PASS 3 from Grace Industries?

    We just ordered 10 and have not put them into service due to some concerns on the temperature alarms. This will be out first set of Pass devices that have the temperature alarm and some guys are worried that the temperature alarm is too sensitive. We have heard stories on the old alarms going off too easily and we don't want people to start ignoring the alarm because they are going off all the time. The super pass 3 is suppose to calculate the time in a certain temperature differently, and I was wondering if anyone has got the chance to use them first hand?

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    I honestly don't know about the SuperPASS III (didn't know they had a III to be honest), but I've dealt with the SuperPASS II's on my vollie and career departments before we went to integrated.

    The temperature alarm activates as such...

    350-degrees for 6 minutes
    300-degrees for 8 minutes
    250-degrees for 10 minutes
    200-degrees for 12 minutes

    While our gear protects us pretty good, eventually what's inside the gear will eventually heat up with the temperatures outside the coat. I would imagine there's some kind of data that they used to come up with those times rather than a bunch of bean counters saying "I think 6 minutes in 350-degrees should be the limit."

    Besides, if you're not dropping the temperature within 6 minutes, you best be figuring out what you're doing wrong, or not doing right.

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    SuperPASS III was produced to meet the new NFPA 1981-2007 can out this spring.

    If spending Fire Grant $ need to by the III. Problem is most FD applied for FG$ for the II at around $285. The III is $495.

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    I know it's ****ing huge.
    Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.

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    It's not even listed on their website?

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