Hello everyone. I am 18 years old and at a fork in the road with my life. I am really considering becoming a firefighter. I've tried to do as much research as I can do. I think I have the basics but I still have questions I was hoping you guys could help me with. First off let me say I am located in Frankfort, IL. a small suburb in Will County.
-My first question is how hard is it really to become a firefighter? I don't mean all the tests and such. How many people apply to become a firefighter but don't make it? For example..on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it?
-How should I go about becoming a firefighter? I'm thinking of getting my EMT-B soon. (anyone know where I could get classes for it?!)
-Should I take some Fire Science classes at a junior college? Can take classes to become a Firefighter II?
-What exactly is Fire Academy? What requirements are there for that? Can I just simply apply for it? Do I have to be part of a department for that to happen?
-Can I just apply for being a firefighter when I have my EMT-B and then I will recieve the training to get a firefighting certificate? (saying I pass the application process..)
-Can I volunteer at a department if I'm 18? If so, what would my jobs be?
-How much math and science do you use? How hard is the math and science?
Super sorry.. so many questions!! Thanks for your help.