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    Quote Originally Posted by pewter98 View Post
    Up to this point, I've been using my sled for about 4 months solid, using it in a "PAT" theme workout I do with a few friends at least 1-2 times a week. Yesterday I successfully passed a PAT for a nearby department (though I do wish my time could have been I little better, but hey...I'm happy with it.) I could definitely tell both the strength and endurance improvements I have made by pulling and dragging my resistance sled as opposed to taking previous PAT's when I didn't have my sled to train with. I would recommend anyone planning on taking a PAT in the near future (as well as anyone looking to add a really good exercise to your routine) to incorporate some type of pulling and dragging of a weighted object exercise. The results are worth it!
    Awesome brother. I was actually wondering how it was going. How long and how much are you dragging now? I'm still dragging a big tire as part of my conditioning circuit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hefightsfire99 View Post
    Awesome brother. I was actually wondering how it was going. How long and how much are you dragging now? I'm still dragging a big tire as part of my conditioning circuit.
    Yes, the workouts are going great. In the near future, I hope to upload a video of our "PAT" themed workout. When I do, I'll be sure to post a link.

    To answer your questions, my friend is nice enough to let me use his huge backyard for the workouts. His house is on a corner lot in a neighborhood that was built in the 40's or 50's. His backyard is actually about 1 1/2 house lots that the developers decided to make into one big backyard, so we have about 300 ft. length and about 100 ft. width to play with. On one side of the yard, I've marked a distance of 100 feet for the sled pull and drag. When I complete one sled exercise, I simply turn the sled around and start on the next sled exercise.

    Since I use the sled in conjunction with other exercises, the total weight I'm pulling is only around 220-230 lbs. (140 lbs. of loaded weight and aprox. 70-80 lbs. from the weight of the sled.)

    On the other side, we have the tractor tire positioned to where we complete multiple set of tire flipping and sledgehammer swings.

    Since this is not my backyard, using the tubular 14-gauge steel fence post as the skies on the sled works great in avoiding tearing up my friends lawn. Even with the sled loaded down, it only leaves two small lines in the grass that resemble tires from a lawn mower. After a day or so, the grass stands right back up.

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