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    Default Hi, and Seasons Greetings, from SC

    Lurking for a while, finally making an appearance. I am a transplant from Europe; moved here 4 years ago. I am an IT Analyst by trade (10+ years into it now), and a volunteer FF in Florence, South Carolina by heart. Joined the fire service just over two years ago, and personally I think I couldn't have landed at a better, more professional department, and should have done it a decade ago.

    In short: Combination department, three stations, experienced fireground officers; roughly 50 members total. YTD ~830 calls, and still counting. I average 25%-30% of the calls.
    I wish I could afford to become a career firefighter, but with an hourly salary barely above minimum wage, I can't quit my day job. (Waiting on the day I win the lottery to do that ).

    I take training very seriously. Currently only hold FF-I certification, but that's because I couldn't attend the last FF-II class due to family issues. Besides FF-II, and pumper/operator, I'm also waiting on the first available 'first responder' class to upgrade myself from merely being a CPR/First Aid certified individual. I don't know if I have the urge to go any further than that with regards to medical. I'm considering specializing in rope rescue and extrication.

    I spend a lot of time at our department, because my job allows me a lot of flexibility. Florence county is split up into several fire districts, with each their own department, and then there is the Florence City FD. We have standing mutual-aid agreements, and know each other because we play and train together. Also, I believe virtually all City FF's are also members of their respective district volunteer FD's.

    We work very closely with our county run EMS; many of them are also members of our and neighboring fire departments. Our county-wide dispatch uses EMD, and we run first responder calls alongside EMS.

    The county uses 800MHz radio system that, I believe, is tied into the State's system as well, even though my personal radio only is programmed for all county FD's, EMS, mutual aid, and fireground channels.

    That's the 411 on me, us, and our county setup. Anymore questions? This is the place to ask
    Oh, they call me "Dutch". Nice to be here.
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    Hello from Indiana. Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
    Spanish 4 Emergencies - FREE Online Spanish Language Training for Emergency Personnel

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