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    Attention Chiefs and HazMat coordinators.
    IMERT in conjunction with IDPH has a Decon trailer that is not being used. The trailer is a 24' Modec decon unit. This is similiar to the MABAS trucks.
    It is a 2 lane shower system with external booms on both sides and rollers for mass or immobile patients. The trailer is in very good condition and has been tested with the exception of the water heaters as I do not want to flow water and then have to winterize it 20 minutes later.
    The trailer is currently centrally located within the state and can be viewed with some notice, but pictures are immediately available.
    Our wishes are to have this trailer go to a department, hospital or division within the southern or rural portion of the state who has a team operational, currently does not have a decon system available and would benefit the community and population the most.
    We will deliver and give a simple training session to the receiving department(s), hospital, ect.
    The trailer does not come equipped with chemicals and can be obtained from the manufacturer.

    The trailer is heavy and strongly recommend towing via a 1 ton vehicle or similar with air bag helper suspension.

    The recipient(s) will also have to sign a MOA with IDPH maintaining the trailer and with the expressed knowledge that the trailer may be needed in time of emergency.

    If interested please send and email to trevorb@imert.org expressing interest and some description of what you have in the way of decon, where the local MABAS decon truck is, where it would be stored, any hazards within the region where the response area is.

    Sorry for the 20 questions, but we want it to benefit the residents of the state the most.

    Lastly we wish to strongly express that the trailer will still remain state property but is yours to have fun with. This is a nice trailer that can help in several ways.

    Any questions can be directed to:
    Trevor Bishop
    Equipment Coordinator
    3000 Woodcreek Dr. Ste. 200
    Downers Grove, IL 60515
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