Investigators are trying to find out what sparked a house fire that turned
into a forest fire. It all started around 11 Thursday night in the Walkertown section of Hazard in Perry County.

Mary Campbell says fire came dangerously close to her home last night.

“I got up and when I walked to the foot of the road, the fireman told me to be prepared to leave the house,” said Campbell, who lives nearby.

The fire broke out a few doors down at a house on Highland Avenue and quickly spread. Officials say no one was home at the time. Firefighter David Wiseman says when he arrived, the fire had moved to the woods, and Division of Forestry was called to help.

“There was a forest fire that occurred just above the hillside and across the mountain. They actually come and help put that out,” said Wiseman.

“We were scared to death. I came up and woke my little girl up and woke my husband up and he got up and got his clothes on and went back out,” said Campbell.

She says workers showed up just in time.

“There were actually pieces of timber and things catching on to the roof of our house. So they actually sprayed the roof of our house down so it would be wet,” said Campbell.

Firefighters with the Hazard department were back at the house this morning, evaluating the scene.

We are checking “for hotspots, to make sure it doesn't restart, rekindle again, and cause any more damage to the surrounding properties,” said Wiseman.

“We're just overall happy that our house is fine,” said Campbell.

Arson investigators were on the scene Friday, but say they will not be able to start their investigation until all of the hot spots are out.