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    Default Fort Walton/Destin Hiring

    How do I secure a job as a firefighter in the panhandle? What certifications do i need and how long will it take?

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    If you have no certifications, you will need to go through a Firefighter I/II academy, as well as an EMT course. If you live in the panhandle now, you can look into Pensacola Junior College or Midway Fire Department for fire academy and EMT. I believe Midway Fire Department is putting on an EMT class soon, which would be a good place to start. Hope this helps.

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    Midway has just started their EMT class. If you haven't been through their fire academy I highly recommend it. I just graduated from there a few months ago and it was awesome. It's pretty low tech and their training tower is quite small, but what they lack in "bells and whistles", they more than make up for with great instructors. They'll yell at you if you screw up, but they genuinely want to see you graduate, and will help you as best they can as long as they see you are trying your absolute best. Their academy runs 3 nights a week for just over 5 months. PJC unfortunately will be closing their fire academy dur to budget problems, which really sucks because they too have an awesome academy. There is also Gulf Coast Community College, and Northwest Florida State College will be starting one up soon.
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