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    Default PPE Checklist Help

    I recently took over our department's "PPE Committee", for a department size of 55-60 members. The gentleman that had it before me was very busy and didn't have time to get it organized.

    I am in the process to getting the committee structured, and looking for a few ideas. I have started a spreadsheet of who has what PPE and sizes of our department. Our next item that we are trying to accomplish is to establish an annual self inspection form. If any body has one that they would share with us that would be greatly appreciated.

    If anybody has any other ideas that may help, they also would be greatly appreciated. That info can be sent to cfd2b@yahoo.com.

    Thank You,

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    I just found a free website, it's run by Globe (but no plug for them), http://www.ppetracker.com/ that allows you to enter, members, calls, PPE, who it's issued to, dates when it was issued, cleaned, sizes, etc. Take a look and see if it works for you.

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    I Beleive Nfpa Has A Standard On Ppe Maintainence(slips My Mind Right Now) But Otherwise I Would Just Start With The Helmet And Work Down Towards The Boots, Checking For Cuts, Tears, Fadeing Material, Age, Stains, Etc.
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