Hello everyone-

I represent Arizona Fire & Water Resotration, Inc. We've been doing Fire Restoration since 1952 in Arizona, and I'm trying to understand how Fire Departments operate with regards to using board-up companies.

Since I've been working here, I've realized that there are a TON of board-up companies out there. We are Phoenix-Metro based, and I'm sure this is where the largest concentration of restoration companies are located. Some are stand-up companies, and some are "less than legitimate." I'd love to get your feelings and opinions on a few things...

My purpose for posting here is to find out what thought processes fire fighters go through when they recognize the need for a board-up to secure the premises. Is there a requirement to have the dwelling secured by boardup before you leave? Are there preferred companies you use? Are there contracts with any boardup companies?

It's overwhelming to me how each city, town, county, indian community and department operates differently. I'm just trying to understand the process, so that we can come up with a marketing plan that doesn't annoy the fire department - and still provide a service. I'd bet some restoration companies come knocking down your door begging for referrals, but we want to take a different angle and try to provide you with a resource. Of course, we never charge the department or the city/county. And, it is our policy to never, ever "chase fires."

Have you experienced "fire chasing" companies? What are your thoughts on companies like this?

We're also getting involved with the 100 Club, Fallen Fightfighters and the Burn Foundation. Our owner believes that the best way to create a positive brand image is to get involved in the community and support good causes.

Any insight you brave folks could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Very Sincerely,
Nate Roberts
Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.