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    Do any of you guys have a verizon phone that is push to talk equipped? I will be switching from nextel to verizon in a couple of months and would like to get some unbiased feedback about verizon PTT so I know if I want to get that option. I currently use the ptt on nextel and love it so I would also like to have it on my verizon phone if it works just as good. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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    The ambo service I worked for switched from Nextel D/C to Verizon PTT and have regretted it every day since.

    The phones are not rugged at all! NEXTEL has the PTT market by the kahunas, hand down! Stay with NEXTEL. I just bought the NEXTEL BlackBerry 8350i a couple weeks ago and will never got with anyone else... I thought about verizon.

    If you know more ppl on NEXTEL D/C than stay with NEXTEL. The two networks are not compatable with each other.
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    Absolutely stick with Nextel if you want Push-To-Talk. Verizon is a very poor wannabe at this point and into the forseeable future. I have Nextel as my Personal phone, and use the PTT numerous times per day and it is darned near perfect. I also have a Verizon Razzberry, or whatever they call it. Worthless.
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