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    Default Dual Stage Airbags

    Hi All,

    As we know some dual stage airbags leave a secondary stage undeployed within the unit posing a potential risk to those working in the deployment zone. I have seen via this website that Mercedes print a warning on the bag to warn others of this danger. My question is how do we know what other vehicles have dual stage airbags that may have the second stage left undeployed? Is there a list or a way of getting this information? Obviously caution should be exercised anyway but it would be good to know.

    Look forward to any input

    Thanks in advance

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    Treat all of them as dual stage airbags and you won't have to "second guess".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isitjustme View Post
    Treat all of them as dual stage airbags and you won't have to "second guess".
    That's the best advise. Make sure you find the power source and remove power and you should be okay.
    Steve Dragon
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    5 - 10 - 20 inches on everything with airbags.... good to keep in practice and you are safer than trying to guess...
    Richard Nester
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    Default Dual-stage, Dual-Threshold

    All driver frontal airbags and all passenger frontal airbags on vehicles produced over the last few years(phased in since 2004) for sale in the US will be of the dual-stage design.

    Here's an interesting tidbit.
    All stored gas inflator airbags are one shot deals; all knee bags, all door-mounted airbags, all seat-mounted airbags, all roof-mounted airbags. All go bang one time only.
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    I agree, treat them all as 'loaded'. De-energize asap! Peek before you pry.

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