Next week i have my CAL fire FFII/FAE interview. I have been a career firefighter/medic for 5 years the last two years i have been an Acting Engineer. however, my wife and I are wanting to move and CAL fire offers that oppurtunity without completely starting over with my career. not to mention better pay, retirement and medical. my question is does anyone know if you get to choose where you want to work if you are selected or is it based off the needs of the department. we are pretty much willing to move anywhere except down south. (wifes choice).

Second question is with the economic time does anyone know if CAL fire will actually hire anytime soon. This is a big step for me to leave the comfort of my career, retirement, security to start over to make a better life for my family. I dont want to make this big leap if there is fear of layoffs or freezes.

And finally, I have done a few interviews and even sat on a few. is there anything special or different about a CAL fire interview that i should know. I have read the job announcement and it seems very vague. with a 100% rated oral i want to be prepared.

we have CAL fire stations in our response area and I have talked to a bunch of the guys but since they dont have medics they dont have a whole lot of info regarding the medic interviews. so, i thought i would ask the CAL fire medics here. thanks for any and all help.